Immigration Case Results

When choosing an Immigration attorney, a prospective client should seek out the results and the experience of a firm’s attorneys. The prospective client, trying to get permanent resident status, should learn and get to know how many visa processing cases that have been approved by the firm they retain and how many Adjustment of Status cases that have been approved. This firm’s success in getting approvals is attributed to the lawyers and the staff members who have invaluable experience in dealing with clients, the paperwork, and the governmental agencies involved. Listed below are just a few examples of immigration case approvals obtained by Torres Law Firm, PLLC attorneys:

Visa Processing

Torres Law Firm PLLC has represented hundreds of individuals and families in securing approvals of their green cards in the U.S. embassies in Mexico; Honduras; Guatemala; Uzbekistan, China, Russia, Philippines, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Columbia, and El Salvador to name a few. Visa processing is basically the only remedy available to certain individuals who entered the US illegally or in an undocumented manner and are now married to US citizens and want to do their paperwork.

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status cases generally require lawful entry, lawful status, or an application under 245(i). The Torres Law Firm, PLLC, has also received approvals in over several hundred Adjustment of Status cases in over 27 years. The majority are immediate relative petitions, Asylum adjustments, SIJS adjustments, and older 245(i) petitions. The majority of adjustments are approved through the Memphis USCIS field office.

DACA Cases

Torres Law Firm, PLLC has had several hundred DACA cases have been approved since 2012. We will continue to renew these cases as long as DACA is in place. Advanced parole has also been approved in numerous of these DACA cases.


We have done over several hundred citizenship applications in 27 years. The majority of which are approved. Our clients have to be given credit for such a high approval rate. The clients study and are well prepared by our staff. The main thing in naturalization is that there be no crimes within the look back period and/or proper detailed explanation of crimes on the application, taxes up to date, registration for selective service if a male, and properly studying for the test.

Immigration Court

For 27 years, Charles “Carlos” Torres has been practicing in the Immigration Courts. The cases handled and approved for relief have been Cancellation of Removals, Asylums, Prosecutorial Discretion, Administrative Closure and Termination. Charles “Carlos” Torres has practiced in immigration courts throughout the United States.


The majority of our visa processing cases require an I-601A provisional waiver which is filed before a client steps out to an interview in their home country or an I-601 waiver which is filed after the visa interview in their home country. We have done hundreds of these waivers and have an approval rating of around 95%. We also do the I-212 waivers mainly for clients with prior deportations. All these waivers require a large amount of work and we are proud of our high approval rate. The client again has helped us tremendously in achieving such high rate of approval.

U Visas

Victims of crime of violence are allowed to apply for a U visas. We have done a large amount of these visas and will continue to do so even though there is a large backlog of these cases. Examples of approvals are for domestic assaults, violations of order of protections, assaults, attempted murder, victims of gunshots, victims of stabbings, victims of beatings arising out of thefts, victims of violent carjackings and robberies at gunpoint, and victims of beatings with a baseball bat.

SIJS Cases

We have handled a large amount of SIJS cases arising out of abandoned or neglected children coming in from Central America. We have filed abandonment petitions in Juvenile courts, Circuit Courts and General Sessions Courts. Approvals of these petitions allow us to file an I-360 petition. Upon approval of the I-360 petition, we then file for adjustment of status.

Other Areas

Other areas of immigration law that we do are UAC Asylums, H-1B petitions, O petitions, religious worker petitions, NACARA, Fiance Visas, TPS renewals, Stay of Removals, Green Card renewals, and employment authorization renewals.